By Emma Webb and

Matt Winkworth

An ensemble of 13 women and a pile of transistor radios tell a timeless story of the place between wife and widow, of marriages lived on the tide, of hanging around. Bewitching music and movement mix with comedy and poignancy.



SOLE is a full length movement theatre show with music and song composed by Matt Winkworth and devised by Artistic Director Emma Webb.

Using 12 women drawn from the local community  and one professional performer, SOLE tells the tale of a community of fishermen's wives. They are knitted together in their independence, their marriages are lived on the tide. When their husbands disappear off the horizon the real activity begins, life is laughed, lived and sung until the countdown to the mens return begins. This is repeated until one man doesn't return and one woman no longer belongs. She is in limbo, neither a wife nor a widow. 

Then a body is washed up, unidentifiable but needing to be claimed.

SOLE uses puppetry, choreography, choral arrangements and text to create a sensitive and comedic journey through the art of waiting. Under Milk Wood meets Victoria Wood.

Currently in production, SOLE will be premiered as part of OFFBEAT at Arts at the Old Fire Station Oxford. Saturday June 23rd at 8.30pm.

Tickets available soon.

SOLE will then be available for other venues, touring Summer/Autumn 2019.Having made contact with local choirs and movement classes,  Tangled Webb would then be in residency for three or four workshops with women local to each venue to create the fishermen wives. 

UPDATE: You can read a review of the premiere here 

Contact Tangled Webb for more details.

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